Message from the chairman

DECCO Group was formed in 1990 to deal in the construction field. The company has undertaken large engineering and construction projects to become one of the leading private sector engineering and construction companies in the region.

DECCO Group has been growing in the last few years where its products and services are setting standards in the region by providing unique services for our clients through continuous efforts and dedication to the regional market and through high quality performance.

The key of the success of our services in the market is by using new technologies, where innovative designs and advanced engineering techniques have given us edge over our competitors.

we have restructured our company to meet the new challenges. Thus, we are constantly upgrading our services to achieve complete satisfaction to our customer’s needs and this is emphasized by meeting the standards laid out by the ISO 9001 Standard.


The Most Recent Heavy Construction

Since our main objective is to deliver the best service with the best quality, decco always intends to possess the latest equipments with their several purposes including...More

Creative Communication Solutions
DECCO’s  portfolio  of  communication  systems  
includes  a full range  solutions  for  personal  
and Organizational communication needs. From  source  to  delivery  of  audio,video,  data  
and multimedia contents...

1.293 Trillion $ is the estimated value
of  Decco's projects in the next 4 years

with the objective of delivering quality
construction on time, stressing teamwork
and integrity. These attributes have been
the basis for our success...

Security Concerns all of us
The level of threat faced, the level of  protection required, the assets to be protected, the weaknesses to be addressed,  the kind of response  measures they possess, 
the degree of surveillance they wan...

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